Post Op Rehabilitation

Post Op Rehabilitation

Unfortunately some injuries require surgery.  Surgery is a major undertaking, and rehabilitation is an important part of  helping you get the most benefit from your surgery. Rehabilitation can  help you recover from surgery as quickly and completely as possible.

There are several ways that our physiotherapist can  help get individuals back into good physical condition and heal from the injury  and surgery:

  • They can help to decrease pain, improve range of movement and help  the muscles to strengthen again.

Our physiotherapist will develop an  individually tailored exercise program based on knowledge of the exact type of  surgery. Your physiotherapist will also guide you with returning to certain  activities after your surgery.

Fine Form Physiotherapy is well equipped to assist you in rehabilitation of most orthopedic surgeries, including:

  • Spine:
    • Laminectomy
    • Fusions
    • Disectomomy
  • Shoulder:
    • Rotator Cuff Repair
    • Decompression
    • Shoulder Reconstruction
    • Shoulder Replacement
    • Shoulder Fractures
  •     Knee:
    • Knee Replacement
    • ACL Reconstruction
    • PCL Reconstruction
    • Collateral Ligament Repairs
    • Meniscal Repairs
    • Partial Menisectomies
    • Quadriceps Tendon Repair
    • Fractures of Tibia and Fibula
  •     Hip:
    • Hip Replacement
    • Hip Fracture
  •     Elbow:
    • Elbow Fracture
    • Tendon Debridement
    • Tendon Release
  •     Ankle/Foot:
    • Ankle Reconstruction
    • Achilles Tendon Repair
    • Plantar Fasciitis Release
    • Posterior Tibialis Repair
    • Ankle/Foot Fractures

Call us now to make an appointment with a physiotherapist, who will help you achieve effective and efficient results.