Fun Run Ready Package

Are you running in the City to Surf or perhaps the upcoming Bay Run? It’s Fun Run season in Sydney & we have the perfect package to get you Fun Run ready. If you want peak performance, this package is your answer. It includes:


  • Lower Body + Spinal Screening: Your lower body and spine are essential in aiding in your success for long runs. A screening of these will help to determine any potential problem areas that need to be fixed.
  • Slow Motion Walk/Run Analysis: Are you running in true form? Let’s find out!
  • Exercise program: This is tailored to your specific needs and determined as part of the findings from your screening.
  • Massage: A soft tissue Massage will iron out those tight muscles to be nice and loose and ready to hit the pavement for your big run.
  • Kinesio Taping/Strapping: You may have a weak point or a part of your body that’s prone to injury – or even already injured! Strapping is a great tool to ensure your body is secure and stabilised to prevent further injury and pain.
  • Gait Scan Analysis: Have your foot function analysed to ensure you are treading correctly and don’t cause yourself any injuries to your knees, hips or feet. If you are in need of Orthotics, the gait scan will determine this, if they are needed we will offer you them at a discounted price.


  • Massage: Let our experts untangle those knots after your race to ensure you’re left with only happy memories from your big day. This will help to aid recovery.

Fine Form Physiotherapy Ryde City2surf assessmentThis package includes over $360 worth of value – but we have packaged them together at a cheaper rate over 4 sessions for just $55 per session!  YES you can use your private health fund card to cover, which means you will only pay a gap! With this package you are saving over $140. You will need to book in advance in order to reserve the times that are suitable for your fun run dates. The package is delivered over four sessions at the clinic. Keep in mind that August is City 2 Surf season and we book out fast! Call 80686776 to book your Fun Run Ready Package now.