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Pilates Ryde, Fine Form Physio


When do classes start?

Fine Form Physiotherapy has expanded its clinic to introduce a new studio specifically customized for Pilates classes. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 5 to ensure optimum care and service. Classes for Term 1 2018 commence on Monday 29th January. We are taking registrations for Term 1 2018 now. There is an Early Bird Discount of 5% until Monday 15th January 2018 for those who pay before that date. See below for registration and timetable info.

Classes are sold in 10 packs and 20 packs and can be used over the course of 3 months. Paying for Term packs ensures your spot is secured in the class and you are able to meet your health goals by staying committed. Make up sessions are held mid-term and end of term for those who could not find make up spots in alternative classes. We provide all equipment and mats, but if you would like to bring your own, you will need a non slip mat for the studio floor, you are also welcome to purchase those from the clinic, please enquire at reception or via telephone.

What are the benefits?

Clinical Pilates is a form of therapeutic exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. In the contemporary world, Clinical Pilates is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck and back.

Yoga also caters to the body’s well-being as well as the minds. It improves cardiovascular health as well as chronic neck and back pain. Moreover, yoga staves off stress and anxiety by clearing your brain and sharpening it. It helps a person avoid and in some cases, get rid of depression.

The Yoga and Pilates classes will help you in pertaining self-control, self-perception, well-being, body awareness, balance, mind-body, strengthening and reflexivity.

Who’s teaching?

Our Pilates Classes are instructed solely by experienced Physiotherapists, this is an added bonus to you – not only will you have someone with detailed knowledge of anatomy, they will be fully aware of your body’s strengths and limitations so that they can ensure you receive the maximum benefit to you, they will ensure that your exercise prescription avoids injury and if you are ever sore – they’ll know exactly how to fix you! As our Classes are instructed by Physiotherapists they are claimable under Private Health Insurance, which means added savings for you!

Lissandra Larobina, Click Here for Bio.

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Sylvie Kassab, Fine Form Physiotherapy Ryde, Pilates Yoga instructor


What classes are on offer?

Feel free to bring a friend, classes are capped at 6 people to ensure everyone gets the care and attention they need. We can also offer private classes for just yourself or a group of friends at a day/time that suits you. Please call the practice to discuss pricing options for private classes.

The current offering is as follows:Pilates reformer class ryde fine form physio

  • Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Equipment Class (45mins): Utilising a combination of equipment and mat work, you will be exposed to a variety of exercises as part of a group training regime. This class will see you improving your core strength, overall flexibility, prevention of Back/Neck pain and give you a great work out! Get ready to burn those calories…Beginner – Advanced Classes available
  • Pilates Pregnancy – Reformer/Mat (45mins): The benefits of Pilates for a Pregnant woman are phenomenal. Pilates strengthens your deep abdominals pelvis, back and pelvic floor muscles without placing undue strain on your other joints. It is a low impact exercise and safely targets the key areas of the body that can cause discomfort in Pregnancy, preparing your body for the birth of your baby and promoting a speedier recovery afterwards. It is also proven to help prevent Diastasis Recti, the splitting of the abdominal muscles. Beginner – Advanced Classes available.
  • Pilates Post-natal – Reformer/Mat (45mins): Post Natal Pilates aims to get your pelvis and core strengthened back to pre-baby conditions. This class will help prevent back, hip and shoulder pain which is so common with mums with small babies. The lifting, carrying and breast feeding can all take a toll on our bodies and it is important to keep the core areas strong and flexible in order to avoid injury. Happy Mamma Happy Bubba! Beginner – Advanced Classes available.
  • Pilates Mat-Work (45mins): This Pilates class is performed solely on the Mat with a variety of floor work to get your heart racing. Instructor will customize your experience according to your skill level and work with you to ensure you achieve your goals.
  • Private One-on-One Classes (30mins): Want all the attention on you? You deserve it! Pilates is a specialized exercise and takes time and care to develop the advanced skills everyone looks for. Choose a time or day that suits you and pay as you come! Beginner – Advanced levels welcome. Prices are below.

Private Classes

If you would prefer to do one on one Private Pilates Classes with our Physiotherapists we offer 30 minute sessions which can be booked at a time that is convenient for you. We can also arrange Private Classes for two or more clients at a time that is convenient for you. Private Health Insurance can also be used to cover the cost of these sessions. Please see below for price list.

  • 1 Client = $90 (30 mins)
  • 2 = $50 each (30 mins)
  • 3+ = $42 each (45 mins)

Class Timetable:

Term 1 2018, Monday 29th January – Saturday 14th April, with break for Public Holidays; Australia Day Friday 26th January, Good Friday 30th March, Easter Monday 2nd April.

Pilates Ryde timetable term 1 2018

















Pilates Ryde Timetable




















Private Health Insurance can be used to cover the cost of your Pilates Classes, please check with your provider to ensure that you have these benefits.


Our Pilates classes can be covered by Private Health Insurance. You must check with your provider to confirm that your level of cover includes Pilates. An initial assessment is compulsory. One of our Physio’s must assess you for injuries/weaknesses and skill level in order to enhance your Pilates class experience and help you reach your goals. Initial Pilates assessment is 30 minutes and costs $50 and is also covered by private health insurance. Class Packs ensure your spot in your class is secure for the term and you have 3 months to use your packs until they expire.

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How do I register?

You may register for classes by calling 80686776 or emailing admin@fineformphysio.com, you may also fill in the online form below. Our receptionist will provide you with a registration form. Upon completion of your registration form you will be sent an invoice which you may choose to pay by direct deposit, credit card, over the phone - or at the counter before the start of classes.

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