Sports Massage

Sports Massage       Our talented  Physiotherapists have a good history of ensuring their sports patients return  to their game as soon as possible. They are also experienced in preparing  athletes for training and competition, having recently worked with Australian  Olympic Athlete Anthony Alozie in preparation for the London Olympics.

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Physiotherapy and massage

Massage therapy is an effective treatment technique. At Fine Form Physiotherapy Ryde, massage therapy is incorporated into most of our treatment sessions. We believe it is extremely important to adopt this hands on approach to gain a better understanding of the muscles and surrounding soft tissues.

We use massage therapy in conjunction with manipulative therapy and exercise rehabilitiation, to provide an overall holistic approach to health care.

We are experienced in treating sports injuries and providing on-field physiotherapy coverage to sporting clubs. In the past, our Physiotherapists have worked with:

  • Anthony Alozie, Australian Olympic Sprinter. Anthony was a patient of ours leading up to the London Olympics.
  • APIA Leichardt Tigers in the NSW Premier League (Soccer)
  • Spirit FC in the NSW Winter Super League (Soccer)
  • Old Ignations Rugby Club – Division 1 NSW Suburban Rugby
  • Balmain Dockers AFL
  • Volleyball NSW