Here at the Healthly Lifestyle Studio, We have designed a fun unique space that offers a range of classes from Personal trainer, nutrition, pilates and yoga through to meditation to help you reach a balanced holistic wellbeing.

We have a collection of classes and can arrange private group classes and one on one sessions

Please contact our friendly staff to book........

Group Reformer Workout


Clinical Pilates is an excellent form of therapeutic exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, motor control, strength, flexibility and breathing. Our classes are highly popular, you can expect a lot of fun, close supervision from our instructors and a positive encouraging environment

Yoga Class


We are passionate about offering Yoga as therapy for our patients. It is incredible for overall mind-body health and helps you to improve strength and flexibility, peace of mind, stress reduction and grounding for self-alignment. 


Crystal Singing Bowls

Meditation is an incredibly powerful skill everyone can learn.  We use crystal singing bowls which create beautiful, harmonious sound frequencies that take assist you in reaching a deeply peaceful and calm state of being leaving you feeling completely recharged and rejuvenated.