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10 great (fast and slow) snack ideas for sport refueling

1. Banana peanut butter “ants on a trail” – quick fuel

Slice a banana length ways spread with peanut butter and top with sultanas, close the halves of the banana back up. Like a banana sandwich!

2. Pretzels and hummus –slow fuel

Salty to replace lost salt, carbs to replenish energy and the protein form the hummus will give you a protein kick.

3. Nuts and dried fruit – quick fuel

Easy, peezy. Carbs, good fats and protein all in one.

4. Greek yoghurt topped with granola – slow fuel

The protein from the yoghurt will assist in recovery and the carbs in the granola will provide energy.

5. Peanut butter sandwich – slow fuel

This favourite can provide carbs from the bread, fat and protein from the peanut butter

6. Protein bliss balls – quick fuel

Make your own or buy them, these popular bite sized energy giving balls are all the craze. They will provide carbs, fat and protein.

7. Chocolate milk – quick fuel

Simple, yet tasty. Chocolate milk will provide protein, carbs and an added nutrient boost from all that dairy goodness.

8. Tuna sandwich – slow fuel

Protein and carbs and very filling if you aren’t going to get back up anytime soon and feel heavy and bloated.

9. White bread with jam/honey – quick fuel

A quick and easy fix. Carbs and… Carbs to replenish glycogen (muscle fuel).

10. Jerky and fruit – slow fuel

Salt from the jerky to replace that lost in sweat, protein for recovery and fruit for the carbs needed for energy.

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