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Updated: Feb 22

How should I be sitting at my desk when working?

When working on a computer at home or work there should be a few points to check to make sure you have the correct posture, to help reduce back and neck pain.

Below is our Fine Form Guidelines to help you.

  • Your eyes should be level with your computer screen. This is easy with desktop computers, with laptops where the keyboard and screen are fixed close together try using a thick book or purchase a laptop holder.

  • Your arms should be parallel to the desk and resting on them, this allows the desk to do the work and your shoulders to be relaxed.

  • Keep your keyboard and mouse nice and close to you. Having to reach for them will cause extra strain on your shoulders.

  • Your hip knee and feet should be at a neutral 90 degree angle, use a foot stool if your feet don't reach the floor.

  • Sit back into your office chair, your lower back has a natural curve that should be supported by your chair or by using a lumbar support.

  • When sitting up straight, your screen should be a full arm's length away from you.

  • Take the opportunity to have a quick break every 30 minutes. Stand up and go to get a drink, take a toilet break or just walk up and down the corridor

Adopting the correct sitting position is essential for maintaining good posture and a healthy back and spine. Most people can improve their sitting posture by following a few simple guidelines.

Following these easy and simple steps can reduce the everyday aches and pains we experience. Poor posture can affect almost every part of your body and can lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI). Reach out to us if you have any further questions.

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