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Back yourself up: Find Your Support Tribe

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

A key factor to staying committed with a Fitness Routine, is surrounding yourself with the right support network. Staying motivated is a lot easier when you have a buddy or group of people to support you along the way.

It’s always amazing when you can get that support directly from others in your household, but sometimes this can be a challenge – you may not find others on the same page as you and this can make it difficult to stick to your fitness routine, healthy habits or good fuel for your workouts.

If you are finding it hard to receive support of your fitness journey at home, then I highly recommend finding your ‘support tribe’ some other way. These days you can find support through community groups, social media groups and like-minded fitness groups. Surrounding yourself with like-minded positive people increases your chances of staying motivated and committed to your goals – I like to call them your personal ‘cheer squad’.

Once your find the right group, you will find yourself wanting to show up, wanting to do better and having more fun along the way. When others are supportive of you and helping you along the way with advice and positivity, you have a much better chance of sticking to your plan.

This is what I love about our Outdoor Fitness Groups. We have so many supportive people in our groups and it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at. The encouragement and positivity you receive in this kind of environment can really spur you on to ‘show up’ and stay committed – with the support of other people cheering you along the way, it can really add up to more chances of successfully sticking with an active lifestyle and achieving your health and fitness goals. Our Mummy Bootcamp Groups have even provided a basis of friendships for life with our mamas often swapping child rearing stories and advice while helping each other out with baby sitting and creating morning coffee groups and playdates outside of our classes.

If you would like to explore our like-minded fitness community, get in touch with us to experience the difference. We would love to welcome you along to a ‘ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL’ so you can find a session that suits you best! Lots of convenient training times – Sunrise, Mid Morning and Late Evening – with loads of variety across Boxing, Circuit, Cardio and Interval/Strength Training so there’s something for everyone. Limited spaces available – Just drop us an email di@ibelievefitness.com.au to find out more!

Di Shepherd is a Master Trainer and Founder of local Outdoor Fitness provider ‘ibelieve fitness’ operating out of Ry

Park and Ryde Public School

For more details visit: http://ibelievefitness.com.au/

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