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Do you suffer from Back Pain?

Following months of working from home and people being more sedentary than usual, I have noticed several people experiencing back pain and becoming more round shouldered than before.

Being hunched over a desk and sitting for long periods of time, result in the posterior chain of muscles being in a lengthened state. This means, the back, glutes and hamstrings will have weakened. If you find yourself in a similar situation these exercises may be suitable for you.

For beginners.

I like to prescribe my four on the floor program. These four exercises are done on all fours. Try doing 10 to 14 reps on each side, with 3 to 4 rounds.

Cat and cow: this exercise is great to increase mobility in your back and hips.

Donkey kicks: A great low impact exercise to strengthen our glutes and hamstrings.

Bird Dog: Another great low impact exercise to strengthen your back, in particular the core muscles located in your posterior section.

Back rows: With or without a dumbbell, single sided back rows strengthen your traps, being on all fours gives you stability.

For intermediate level.

If you a regular exerciser, you may just need to focus on your posterior chain for a short phase as you return to your regular exercise regime. Consider adding the following exercises to your routine.

Back rows: Drop the weight and increase the reps during this phase to ensure you are getting a proper squeeze in your traps. Use a cable machine, a resistance band or dumbbells (as a bent over row).

Lat pull down: Again, drop the weight and focus on engaging the lats with high reps. Use a cable machine or a resistance band.

Split squats: This is basically a lunge with your rear leg raised on a bench. You will find your hamstrings more easily engage in this position than in a regular squat or lunge.

Straight leg dead lift: Again, for this phase, drop the weight, increase the reps and focus on squeezing your glutes at top end. Consider performing your deadlift in a single leg form, this can rectify any dominant leg issues you may have.

When you are rectifying any postural problems, stretching is just as important as strengthening. While the back, glutes and hamstrings were in a lengthened state, the chest, hip flexors and quads will have spent their time in a shortened position. Stretching out these shortened muscles and increasing their range of motion will compliment the strength work you are doing in your posterior chain.

Please be aware, this exercise advice is general only. As usual, please consider seeing your physio for a full analysis of what is causing any back pain and having exercises personally prescribed for you.

In the meantime, if you are keen to get started on resistance training, you are welcome to message me to arrange a free trial training session. I am available to come to you or can train in a park in Ryde and surrounding areas.

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