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Frozen Meals Review

Frozen meals were all the hype in the nineties and it seems they are making a come back with new brands on the market. So, is there any difference between any of them nutritionally? Well it depends what you want in a ready to eat meal.

Let’s take a look.

I took a look at Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Weight Watchers, Super Nature and YouFoodz (chilled).

Winner for lowest sodium: Super Nature

Sodium is added to these ready to eat meals to add flavour, and they can sometimes have excessive amounts. Super Nature had the lowest average sodium content.

Winner for highest fibre: Healthy Choice.

Not many brands showed fibre on their labelling. Fibre is important, as it will keep you feeling more full after your meal, which will keep you from raiding the pantry after eating.

Winner for lowest saturated fat: Weight Watchers

It’s those artery-hardening fats we need to watch out for, and thankfully Weight Watchers have it all in order delivering their frozen meals with lower Saturated fat than the other popular brands.

Winner for Highest Protein: YouFoodz.

By far this brand comes up on top with protein. The samples I bought had an average of 32g per meal. Which is significantly higher than Healthy Choice at 19g per meal. Protein can keep you more satisfied after eating, so if you’re still hungry after eating your planned frozen meal try some Youfoodz.

Winner for the yummiest combinations: Super Nature

With combinations such as butter chicken with Freekeh (young wheat) and Japanese chicken with green tea noodles how could you not be tempted!

If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a go!
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