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Planning One Thing for 2020

The end of year is upon us, and I highly suggest that you start planning for your future in 2020 now, rather than waiting for the start of the year. This way you will be prepared and ready to hit the ground running (sometimes quite literally) right from the start of January.

I know plenty of people who take January to think about resolutions or use it as a chance to make a fresh start, but before you know it the month comes and goes and then we are straight back into everyday life and then wonder where the time goes as we slip back into old habits and get stuck on the hamster wheel once again....

So instead of thinking about all the amazing things you could be doing in the New Year, I urge you to just pick ONE THING that will steer you towards better health & fitness goals in the New Year.

Start with the 1 thing that’s going to make the biggest difference to your health and/or fitness. Be honest with yourself, and stop possibly putting off that 1 thing that you’ve been finding too hard to deal with and make the plan to succeed.

Ask for Help or Get Advice. Schedule It. Make it Happen. Get it Done. Stick with It!


Here are some ideas that you may like to consider – depending on where you are with your health & fitness journey of course - pick one that appeals to where you can make a real difference!

1 Get started with fitness – sometimes it’s as simple as starting with a walk or schedule a FREE Trial and try out a new class or program.

2 Get organized with your food – highly recommended if you find that you are undoing all the effort you’ve made to get active with poor food choices. It’s just like putting the wrong fuel in your car – poor quality food results in poor quality output or lack of results.

3 Water intake – Do you drink enough? Are you hydrating regularly? More on intense exercise days? Many of us are walking around in a dehydrated state. Is it time to get new water bottles, set up a reminder app? Water is essential to flush out bad toxins and carry essential nutrients to all the organs in our body. It helps with mood, alertness and your skin will thank you for it too.

4 Consistency – if you’ve been a little lacking on the commitment side, make the time in your schedule right from the start of the New Year so you can form a good consistent routine and habit. Make your health & workouts just as important as an appointment with your doctor or specialist. Committing now can help you avoid real health issues and serious doctors appointments in the future.

5 Increase the Intensity – have you been putting in enough effort? Challenging yourself? Be honest with yourself and see if you can ‘up’ the intensity and push yourself further at each workout. A good indicator to know if you are training at the right level is the ‘talk test’ – if you can chat to someone easily during your workout, then you can definitely take it up a level... ie. the workout, not the chatting!

6 Increase the Frequency – if you’ve just been working out say 1 or 2 times per week, can you add another regular session to take yourself to the next level or reach your goals faster?

7 Recovery Sessions – do you need to add in a regular recovery session to your routine? Perhaps a Yoga or Stretch session has been calling to you to become part of an active recovery plan. This is also essential for good mental health as well as active rest and recovery for your muscles.

8 Get to bed earlier – Sleep is so underestimated and recovery is just as important as your workouts. Can you make an earlier bed time to ensure you are getting enough sleep for your body to recover? Do you need to put in place night time routine to help you hit the pillow on time

Please remember, this doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul of your life – often I find doing too much too quickly sets a lot of people up for failure as your brain and body cannot cope long term with too many changes all at once.

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you have something that relates to you personally or can add more. Just work on that thing that will really make a massive difference towards your health & fitness in 2020 – master that first so that it becomes second nature & part of your routine and you will also feel a sense of accomplishment and success!

Once this is mastered (and it may take a few weeks, so don’t be in a massive hurry) you can then add something else.... layering new habits until it becomes part of your every day life for an improved health & fitness in 2020!

Peace & happiness for the New Year!

With gratitude & love, Di xo

Di Shepherd is a Master Trainer and Founder of local Outdoor Fitness provider ‘ibelieve fitness’ operating out of Ryde Park and Ryde Public School

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