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Seven Secrets to Weight loss in time for summer

I bet that title drew you in? well you’d be surprised by what habits can lead to weight loss – no diet required.

ONE Drive or walk to work on a different route. Breaking routine may be what you need to get your weight loss on track. This may be because there is a usual place you stop at to get your daily donut fix or it may just be the action of trying something different each days on affect the brain.

TWO Fill at least half your plate with non-starchy vegetables and eat them first. This will fill you up, make you feel great and leave less room higher calorie foods.

THREE Choose a smaller plate and smaller utensils. This has shown to unconsciously keep people from eating larger portions.

FOUR Fidget. Small movements or fiddling like scratching your face, biting your nails, twirling your hair and tapping your feet about can increase the amount of calories you burn by around 30%!

FIVE Eat with no distractions, that means no computer, no TV, no music. Also coined mindful eating – distractions can do two things 1. Cause you to overeat without noticing and 2. Cause an emotional reaction that will cause you to overeat.

SIX Love yourself. Put five minutes of time aside everyday to give yourself positive affirmations like “I really like how my hair looks today” to “you did do well yesterday eating five serves of vegetables” can break the cycle of self loathing which has shown to be sabotaging in a diet as it may lead to emotional eating.

SEVEN Keep track of diet and exercise. There’s no use in blindly exercising and eating well if you don’t know if you’re improving. This is one of the habits that people who lose weight and keep it in the long term off do everyday.

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