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Why your friends Diet may not work for you…

I’m sure you’ve heard it, “my friend is on the plenty diet and she lost 15kg, so I’m giving it a go”. Flocking in herds to follow the latest craze is what a lot of us do, but will it work for you? Let’s break it down.

1. Genetics

Our genes play a big part into how, where and the efficiency of storing or losing fat, so if your family have always had big thighs there’s a good chance that that’s where you store your fat. So if obesity runs in the family it may be a bit harder to lose weight compared to someone with a slimmer family.

2. Metabolism

There are many hormones that come into play that can effect your weight. These differ between person to person, and could impact the amount of calories burnt in a day.

3. Sex.

Yes, males lose weight easier than females do, this is because of the myriad of hormones that flux in and out of females bodies each month. These hormones can do anything from causing women to crave certain foods to lowering the metabolic rate.

4. Activity

A simple one that many people tend to forget, but activity doesn’t always mean planned activity. For example, “Why does Sally lose more weight when we practically eat the same and do the same workouts?” Well, Sally could be walking to the bus stop everyday and chasing a toddler around. Although it may not seem like a lot, This incidental activity adds up to make an impact on your weight.

5. Microbiome

New evidence is released constantly on the benefits of the good bacteria in and on our body. The type and amount of bacteria in our gut could impact how many calories we absorb from our food! Fecal transplants (YES where poo is implanted into someone else’s colon) from slim rats transplanted into obese rats have shown to dramatically reduce their weight with no changes to diet or exercise.

6. Silent activity levels

Are you a fidgeter or do you tend to not sit still, this silent activity can make an impact on how many calories you burn each day, like incidental activity it adds up over the day or week even.

So we’ve looked at the reasons to why the same diet as someone else may not work for you, the best way to get a tailored diet for you and your needs is to see an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

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